Technical Support Packages

NCH Software offers premium support packages with product purchase for one low rate

Platinum Support

Prioritized email support. Also includes chat and telephone support during normal business hours. Expires one year after the date of purchase.

Silver Support

Prioritized email support. Expires one month after the date of purchase.

Reasonable Service Terms

  1. The purchase of a premium support package guarantees you faster service. We respond to all customer support tickets, we just respond to platinum and silver customers first.

  2. We have experienced technical support technicians around the globe, covering multiple time zones.

  3. We offer technical support in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Italian.

  4. Our support technicians know the answer to all common questions immediately and we have specialists to help with your more technical questions. They put forth every effort to help you resolve any questions or problems.

  5. Downloading our products is fast and easy. If any problems arise, we are here to help you find a solution. Make sure that you already have your computer system running before downloading. We are not able to help with your hardware installation.

  6. We always strive our best to find a solution to every problem. Occasionally, a problem arises that we can't solve, but we put forth every effort first.

  7. We fully support products made by NCH Software. If you need general help with your computer system or assistance with a product made by another company, our technicians are unable to assist you.

  8. Please purchase the support package that will best meet your needs. If you prefer to speak to a technician on the phone, please purchase platinum support instead of silver support.

  9. Your support purchase is tied to your email address at the time of purchase. It is not transferable to another user. Please enter the correct email address at the time of purchase and check it for responses to your support tickets. Remember, if you want to jump to the front of the line, your email address is your key. Support service packages purchased in advance are nonrefundable, even if you do not use it. A support package is refundable if the purchase was a genuine mistake and you contact us immediately after purchase to request a refund. The support service package is also refundable if you choose to refund your entire purchase due to a faulty product.

  10. All support is provided on the basis that we will make every effort to provide you with the correct information and the best solution. We suggest that prior to making any significant changes to your computer, you back up your data. Since we are providing support via phone, chat and email, we are not able to guarantee an error free experience. There are many factors that influence your computer system and we will not be liable for any loss that might arise if we unintentionally provide incorrect information. If you are engaging in an activity which could cause serious loss if things go wrong, you should retain a professional computer consultant to validate and test the systems before use.