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The quality of the audio is poor

This could be due to network connectivity (see the problem I am experiencing delays or stuttering when talking). It also could be the other side echo-cancellation not working well. Of course the other side of the call could just be noisy.

Solutions are:

  • Ask the other party to use a handset if they are using hands free.
  • Use a different "Quality / Bandwidth" setting using the Express Talk Settings or on the settings on the other side.
  • If the other side is not Express Talk (eg. it is an IP-Phone) select a different preferred codec on that other device if it lets you. GSM 6.10 is recommended codec for lower bandwidth scenarios.
  • Change ISP or get a faster internet connection.
  • If you are making internet-to-internet calls use a service provider who has servers near your. See SIP service providers for recommended companies.


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