Express Talk VoIP Softphone

Make phone calls using your PC or Mac

  • Works with almost any VoIP gateway provider or office PBX
  • Features include conferencing, recording, and voice commands
  • Configure up to 6 telephone lines on Express Talk
Express Talk works like a computer telephone. Call from your PC to any other computer with a softphone installed. Additional signup with a VoIP service provider to use Express Talk to call regular telephone numbers as well.

Download Express Talk Softphone Software for Windows.Download Express Talk Softphone for Windows

Combine Express Talk with other programs in our telephony suite such as Axon, a Virtual PBx System, to create a customized phone system to for your business.

Download Express Talk SIP Softphone

 Express Talk SIP Softphone Screenshots

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Softphone Features
  • Make voice and video calls free between computers
  • Supports PC to phone via a VoIP SIP gateway provider
  • Place callers on hold (on-hold music included)
  • Supports caller ID display and logging
  • Includes a phone book with quick dial configuration
  • Integrates with Microsoft Address Book
  • Data compression, echo cancellation, noise reduction and comfort noise
  • Supports emergency numbers calling (e.g. 911, 999, 000)
  • Can be used with USB phones, Headsets, Microphones, a Webcam and a set of speakers, or a USB video phone
Additional Business Features
  • Configure up to 6 phone lines
  • Call conferencing for up to 6 people
  • Phone call recording
  • Voice commands
  • Call transfer
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Push to talk intercom
  • Call Pickup allows you to answer on another extension

SIP Softphone

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Recommended Hardware


System Requirements
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
  • macOS 10.5 - 10.14
  • A soundcard
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