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Recommended Hardware

This page lists recommended hardware for:

NCH Software lists this information based on information provided by our customers and equipment manufacturers. We cannot verify all the information and models and specifications can change. If you are buying through one of our order forms please check the specifications carefully. Otherwise please check with the manufacturer about suitability before purchasing.

If you have any suggestions for other hardware that works with our software please post your a message on the Discussion Forum.


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Hardware Options

Sound Cards
Phone Line Connections
Phone Handset Connections
Telephony Boards

Recommended Sound Cards (for multichannel recording)

Our software uses the standard Windows MME Sound System so any sound card that claims to work under Windows should work. For professional multichannel sound cards that have been tested and proven to work with NCH Software we recommend AltoEdge's MultiChannel Sound Cards.

1 or 2 channel recording

For 1 or 2 channel recording almost any standard stereo sound card will do. Chances are you have one installed in your PC already. If not your local computer store will stock them. There are more than 1000 models available on the market so it is impossible to list them here. As long as the supplier says it supports 16 bit PCM recording.

If you plan to do 2 channel recording using the microphone socket, check that the microphone input is actually stereo (check the specifications of the card). With some cheap sound cards the microphone is mono only.

3 to 32 channel recording
(Multi-Channel Sound Cards)

We recommend multichannel sound cards supplied by AltoEdge. Multiple 8 channel boards can be installed to support up to 32 channels. Buy Online.

Multi-channel recording with
multiple USB sound devices

If your computer has USB, some USB sound device drivers will accept multiple sound devices on the one PC so you can connect 1, 2 or more devices using USB ports to make multiple channels.

Other Devices

We will list other approved devices. If you manufacture devices that can connect to the VRS, please post a note on the VRS discussion forum.

Problem with too soft microphone level signals into line level input sound cards:
If your multichannel sound card only has line level inputs and you wish to connect a microphone level device (this includes microphones and some call record interfaces) you will find the recording might be too soft or noisy. To improve the record volume, we recommend installing an inline microphone to line level amplifier for each line. Radio shack has a single line amplifier for $11.99 cat 277-1008C.

Recommended Phone Line Interfaces (for call recording)

To use the VRS or TRx Recording Systems to record telephone calls some kind of connector is required between the phone and the input of the sound card. There are a number of options depending on your requirements.

Option 1: Direct Phone Line Connections

These devices connect directly to between the phone line and the sound card input on the PC or Mac OS X. With this option VRS and TRx records all calls on the line (there can be a number of extensions or a PBX on the line).

Note that all direct phone line connections work with regular analog PSTN lines - they do not support digital lines. With digital lines we recommend you use a 'handset' style adapter. Read further below for more information about handset connections.



The AltoEdge model CRTRIRLC is fully CE / R&TTE approved for use in Europe. With the highest quality isolating transformers it has excellent audio quality and up to 3000V surge protection. This unit works well with both TRx and VRS and has passed the very strict R&TTE approval for use in Europe.

Australia / New Zealand

Neither the VEC nor RadioShack devices are approved for use in Australia. The only unit that is ACA approved that we know of is supplied by AltoEdge in Australia (model CRTRIRLC). This unit is ACA approved for use in Australia and works well with both TRx and VRS.

USA / Canada

For professional applications we recommend the call record unit supplied by AltoEdge in the USA (model number CRVECLRX37C). This recording adapter connects directly between your phone line and PC or Mac OS X. It is FCC approved and has excellent audio quality.
Radio Shack also supply a unit (cat number 43-228 or 43-2208) which is slightly cheaper but often have hum on the recording. They are adequate devices and would only be suitable where audio quality is not so important. Your sound card should have a microphone level input to use this adapter. For multiple lines you might also need 'Y' cables to join each pair of adapters to one stereo input.

Other Countries

We currently recommend the AltoEdge CRTRIRLC for all other countries (see under Europe above). But if you find other models that are made for your country please let us know.

Option 2: Phone Handset Connections

These devices connect directly to the handset of each phone. The cable connects between the handset and the base. This option is suitable for DIGITAL PHONE LINES. However you cannot connect mobile phones this way - for mobile phones see the connected microphone adapter below.


Australia / New Zealand
Europe / Wordwide

The AltoEdge model CRTRIRADP handset connection is CE / R&TTE approved (Europe), ACA approved (Australia) and has approval for most other countries.

Note: Neither the AltoEdge CRVECx nor RadioShack devices are approved for use in Europe or Australia. The AltoEdge CRTRIRADP phone handset to PC connector has the broadest approvals and works well with both TRx and VRS.

USA / Canada

For professional applications we recommend the call record unit supplied by AltoEdge in the USA (model number CRVECLRX35). This call recording adapter connects directly between the telephone handset and the PC or Mac running VRS or TRx. It can be used with digital or PBX handsets.
A home quality phone handset connection is sold by RadioShack (cat number 43-1237).

Option 3: Telephone Suction Attached Microphone

These are special small microphones that attach to the back of the telephone and are designed to pick-up both sides of the conversation. They will work with all types of telephones including MOBILE CELLULAR PHONES.

Radio Shack supply a suction cap phone attach microphone (cat number 44-533). You can order this online at www.radioshack.com. You sound card should have a microphone level input to use this adapter.

Option 4: Professional Telephony Boards

The VRS Recording System will work with professional telephony boards to connect to an ANALOG telephone line. These are PCI or USB boards you install on your computer with 2/4/8 and sometimes more line sockets to connect to analog lines. The cost a bit more than the more do-it-yourself solutions discussed above but offer a very high quality turn-key solution including multichannel, line connect and caller ID on the one board.

 Recommended models:

AltoEdge boards (models TELCTA2/4/8)

The AltoEdge TELCTA professional telephony boards are an excellent choice for a turnkey multi-line recording solution with the VRS software.

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Note: All of the cards we have tested work on analog lines only. We believe that Altoedge has some new cards that will work on DIGITAL ISDN LINES.

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