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Record volume is very low

If the record volume is very low (which can also cause Voice Activated Recording mode to fail):

Check that you have set the record volume to maximum. Go to Settings -> Options -> Channels tab -> Properties -> Open Mixer Control and adjust the volume of the correct input channel.

If you are using a 'microphone level' source, make sure you are plugged into the mic-in (not line-in) socket on the sound card. If there is only one audio-in socket on the sound card, see if the Windows Record Mixer has an Advanced option with +15dB or +20dB gain. If your sound card only has a line input (and no microphone input) and you want to use a microphone signal you may have to connect an inline microphone preamplifier.

If Open Windows Record Mixer fails, it means your sound card drivers do not support the windows mixer interface. This is rare with popular cards today but can happen with specialist sound cards that provide their own mixer. The solution is that you need to manually open the mixer software provided with the sound card.

Volume differences throughout the recording

If there is a large disparity between different parts of the recordings, go to Settings -> Options -> Recording tab -> and tick the "use automatic level (gain) control".

One side of a recorded conversation has a very low volume

If your issue is one side of a recorded conversation is much softer than the other and you are using a call recording adapter, then this is most likely an issue with the call recording adapter. Some of these units cause this issue and it is purely a hardware issue and cannot be resolved in VRS. Try as above setting the automatic gain.


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