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You hear a hum or buzz on recordings

If you have a loud hum or buzz on recordings, VRS includes signal processing to reduce some of this. Check the Line Hum Reduction box and enter the frequency of the hum.   Usually hums are caused by power supplies which are 60Hz (North America) or 50Hz (rest of the world).  You must set the hum frequency exactly for the hum reduction to work.  Line hum reduction signal processing should only be used as the last option since it affects overall audio quality.

It is much preferable to solve the hardware problem causing the hum or buzz.  Hums are usually caused by cheap audio interface devices that have a low impedance microphone output (or do not have sufficient balancing isolation) being used with cheap sound cards that have poor high impedance microphone inputs.  The ideal solutions is to (a) replace the telephone interface, (b) include an impedance matching or balancing audio transformer or (c) install a professional microphone pre-amplifier between the interface and the line-in of the sound card. Speak to a audio-technician in your local electronics store.

Customers have reported success with the Radio Shack Ground-Loop Isolator (270-054) which can remove hums.


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