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How do I create a ringtone for my phone with WavePad?

Choose a song or sound file you would like to use as a ringtone

Ideally you want to keep your ringtone shorter than 30 seconds. The shorter it is, the more times it will be played when you receive a call.

  1. Select the portion of the file that you want to use as your ringtone by clicking and dragging with your mouse
  2. Enter the shortcut keys Ctrl + T to trim the file to the selection
  3. Save your file as:
    • .mp3 for Android phones
    • .m4r for iPhones

Optionally you can add a “Fade In” effect at the beginning of the sound file and/or a “Fade Out” effect to the end of the sound.

Check out the following link for additional information.
How do I select the portion of the audio file that I want to fade in or fade out?

Loading your ringtone to an Android phone

  1. Email your ringtone to the Android phone by attaching the .mp3 file to an email message
  2. Open the email on the phone
  3. Download the .mp3 file attachment
    • The ringtone will be downloaded into your Downloads folder.
  4. You can add the .mp3 file as a ringtone in a couple of different ways
    1. From Settings
      • On your phone, go to Settings -> My Device -> Sound and select Ringtones
      • Open the Ringtones menu and from the pop-up that follows, select Add
      • From the Music player/Sound Picker, navigate to the Folders tab and select the Download folder
      • Tap the .mp3 file you created and downloaded, then choose Done
    2. From the Music Player
      • Open the Music player, tap on the Albums tab and then select the Downloads folder
      • Tap and hold the .mp3 you downloaded
      • A pop-up will appear giving you the option to Set as
      • From here, choose From the beginning and then choose Phone Ringtone
      • Then tap Done

Please Note: You may also add ringtones to your phone directly from your PC. You can copy the music to your Android phone through USB cable, Bluetooth, or WiFi direct. Directly copy the music file to the Ringtones folder in the internal storage of your Android phone. Once the music file is copied there, it will be available in the ringtone list so that you can customize your ringtones with this music.

Loading your ringtone to an iPhone

Please note: For iPhones, the use of iTunes is necessary to load audio files onto the iPhone.

  1. Open the folder that contains the .m4r file
  2. Double click on the .m4r file to open it in iTunes
  3. iTunes will automatically add this new ringtone to the Ringtones or “Tones” folder within the application
  4. Connect your iPhone and sync your new ringtone!
  5. You can then select it as any other iPhone ringtone via your iPhone settings


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