Other Audio Software

ToneDet - Tone Detector

ToneDet is used to monitor an audio signal a for specific frequency tone or multiple tones. Although it can detect any audio frequency, ToneDet is usually used to detect very low frequency tones that cannot be heard by humans. Typical Applications include Radio Network Broadcasts (to automatically trigger commercial breaks), Control Systems (To control remove systems over an audio system), Remote Audio Switches (To switch signals on and off using tones), Sub-band information transmission (To transmit information over an audio transmission) and many more related applications.

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NCHcart is a program that lets you easily select, cue and play audio on a Windows computer with a sound card. The software is designed for Radio Station broadcast studio use but can also be used for stage presentations, ground announcements or venue announcements.

The concept and name for NCHcart comes from the traditional "carts" (cartridges) used in radio stations. NCHcart plays digital audio files located anywhere on the network. By using non-proprietary wav file formats, NCHcart can play files recorded, edited or created by most of the broad range of audio software available today. In a network system, the audio files can be played directly over the network without needing audio cabling between the recording computer and NCHcart.

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LogIt! Audio Logger with Quick Find, Play and Save Feature

This application was developed to automatically log radio broadcasts which occur regularly at set times of day. Logit! lets you locate a particular time of day and save a selected period as a wav file. This is ideal for logging radio broadcasts but can also be useful for logging conferences and other audio sources. For continuous recording solutions, please the VRS Recorder or AudioTime (see above) might be more suitable.

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AMS audio noise masking system software

The AMS audio masking system uses a Windows PC to create pink noise tones to assist to 'mask' confidential sensitive background conversations. Typically AMS is used in waiting rooms to reduce the ability to overhear confidential conversions but it can also be used as a security device to prevent the interception of sensitive conversations.

Install AMS on any Windows PC with a sound card. Move the computer speakers to between the conversation and potential listeners and adjust the volume (very soft noise can be effective). AMS will automatically start when you turn on your computer and runs in the background 24/7. You can continue to use your PC as normal while AMS sits on the task bar tray.

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