Express Burn Software Development Kit

This page is the software development kit (SDK) for Express Burn CD/DVD burning software.
This SDK is a very advanced topic. To burn standard CDs or DVDs you should not need to do any programming.

Express Burn can be controlled by other programs via command line tool, ie. other software applications can burn files using the command line.

ExpressBurn [command][options]

Selects the drive to burn with.

Selects the type os disk to burn. The valid options are:

  • data - burns a data CD
  • audio - burns an audio CD
  • dvd - burns an ISO data CD

Clears all files from the current compilation

Sets the label of the data disk to be burned. This is ignored for audio CDs.

Specifies the name of a text file containing a list of files to burn. One file path per line.

Specifies a single file to burn.

Will burn the files to the selected burner. This action is performed last (before -exit)

Will erase the rewritable disk in the burner

Will create an ISO disk image from the disk in the burner drive.

Will write the ISO disk image to the disk in the burner.

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  • -show
    Show Express Burn when it is running. This is the default setting.
  • -hide
    Hide Express Burn when it is running.
  • -exit
    Exit Express Burn.

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  • expressburn -drive d -type audio -file a.wav -file b.wav -burn -exit
    will burn an audio CD with 2 tracks (a.wav and b.wav) and exit after burning
  • expressburn -clear -type data -label "MyCD" -list "C:\MyDocuments\file.txt" -burn -exit
    Will burn all files listed in C:\MyDocuments\file.txt as a data CD and then exit Express Burn.

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Other Information
If you have problems writing your application, please see

We also offer corporate software development services if you want us to do the development for you or if you need more substantial changes to the IVM. Costs start from around $US100 for a simple function but can increase to $10,000+ for development of a complete new release application. Request a quote from

We can also rebrand IVM with your logo and details for a small fee (see for more information).

You can distribute the IVM install file with your software (but you may not under any circumstances distribute registration keys or seek to undermine the registration system). See the IVM license terms (on the Help file). Normally your customers would purchase the IVM directly from us. We also provide easy license terms if you do need to distribute registered versions of the IVM. Please see under the Software Blanket license heading.

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