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To purchase software for your personal or small business use, please visit our Purchase Software page.

This page contains information and terms for NCH Software business programs. If you are a business interested in quantities of 5 or more of any single product, or looking to purchase more than $1000 in software, then you may qualify for business terms and pricing. These terms are only available to true resellers, distributors, manufacturers or qualifying businesses only.

Again, to purchase software for your personal or small business use, please visit our Purchase Software page.

Reseller & Corporate Sales


Educational Sales


Distributors & OEM




Legal, Medical and Transcription IT Solution Providers
NCH Software provides dictation and transcription IT solutions (both hardware and software) to small, medium and large legal & medical practices as well as typing and transcription businesses. Products include ExpressDictate, WebDictate, DialDictate, PocketDictate, ExpressDelegate and ExpressScribe.

PBX and Call Centre Solution Providers
NCH Software provides interactive voice response, on-hold messaging and call recording, PBx and soft phone solutions for busy call centers and businesses. Products such as IMS, IVM, VRS, Axon and ExpressTalk help them cover both VoIP and analog needs.

Intelligent On-Hold Messaging and In-Store Announcement Solution Providers
NCH Software provides intelligent on-hold scheduled messages, and automated scheduling of in store announcements and music for shopping malls, large retail chains, hotels, and even warehouses and workplaces with professional products such as IMS, BMS** and IProducer2.

Audio, Video, and SMB Solutions Providers
NCH Software provides audio, video, and business products to suit home office, small/medium business, and prosumer operations needs. Products such as WavePad, Prism, Switch, VideoPad, ExpressAccounts and ExpressInvoice are cost-effective solutions for both unique, and general business requirements.

NCH Software provides software solutions through affiliates who can earn up to 30% commission on software sold from their own site.

Product Branding and Customizations
NCH Software will provide branded versions of Windows products with custom business links to increase your sales and brand.

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Reseller Programs

Standard Reseller Program
If your business sells audio, video, telephony, dictation/transcription, or general business products (ExpressAccounts, ExpressInvoice, FlexiServer) then NCH Software has award-winning product solutions that you can purchase wholesale and resell to your customers. Our standard reseller rate is a 60% discount off of the product SRP ("normal price") listed on our website. If you purchase a product in quantities of 5 or higher, you receive the following discounts:

Reseller quantity discounts applied to product purchase total:

Number PurchasedDiscount 

Please see our NCH Software software product page for a better idea of software categories, products, and SRP pricing. If you are interested in this program, please fill out our Reseller Registration Form.

If you would like to have a support contract for your reseller program, please review our support contract information and ask us to quote you the type of support you would like along with your product quotation.

Reseller Subscription Plan
If you are a media/production studio, a transcription/dictation company or a telephony solutions provider you may qualify for our "Reseller Subscription". *Note BMS (in-store announcements) is no longer under active product development, but can still be purchased and supported in its latest release - please submit an inquiry form for more information, or just go ahead and download the trial version from our website to try out the program.

The Reseller Subscription may only be used for sales supplied in conjunction with other products or services you supply to the customer such as telephony hardware or services, voice production services or transcription services. It may only be used for customers whom you supply directly (you may not supply through other resellers).

Under this option you pay a flat monthly fee to have a subscription to supply our software to an unlimited number of your customers in a fixed geographic region for that time period. The license that you supply to your clients is for the life of the version of software you supply them with. If the software version changes it is your choice as a reseller to charge an extra fee to your clients to upgrade to the newer version, but your subscription account must be current.

You can sell licenses to your customers for any price or on any basis (eg. monthly fees) or even free so long as the customer is located in your geographic region (e.g. territory, country, state, province, etc.), deals with you directly, and your products/service charges are higher than the NCH product SRP you are providing. You can use the NCH Software SRP ("normal price") from our website as a guide.

Please Note: Resellers must have a good working knowledge of the product before they commence with a Reseller Subscription. We do provide technical support to resellers but this does not extend to training on how to use the application. You should be very familiar with computers and have a working knowledge of how software is installed and interacts with a computer and it's components.

Qualifying Software Applications A limited range of applications are available under the Reseller Subscription scheme. These include IVM and VRS (excluding the Enterprise versions of each), Express/Delegate/Dial/Web/Pocket/Palm Dictate User licenses. Also included under the Reseller Subscription scheme are IMS, BMS, MSRS, Axon and ExpressTalk** applications.

Site licenses for Dial and Web Dictate as well and Enterprise licenses for VRS and IVM can be purchased at discounted reseller rates through our standard reseller program described above.

Reseller Subscription Cost Guide Costs of a Reseller Subscription are usually for one geographic region, whether that is one country or one state/province/territory. We do not, at this time, offer the blanket license for a continent (i.e. Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, North America).

Subscription plan payments are based on quarterly intervals. Discounts apply for payments 6 months in advance (10%), 12 months in advance (20%) or 2 years in advance (40%).
For example to become a reseller in one country may cost $285 USD per quarter. There is a one off set up fee of $185.00 USD. Therefore, start up costs for 3 months will be $470.00 USD paid in advance.

**Express Talk is only available when you are reselling a complete PBX package and is not available on its own under the Reseller Subscription.

Becoming a Value-add Reseller

  • If you are interested in becoming a subscription (blanket license) reseller and meet the basic requirements of the terms explained above then please click here for more detailed information, a rate card for your region, and an application form.

    If you would like to have a support contract for your reseller program, please review our support contract information and ask us to quote you the type of support you would like along with your product quotation.

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Standard Customized Branding of Software for Resellers
NCH Software can build a rebranded version for most of our Windows applications. This customization makes the software point to your business which is a huge benefit if you are trying to create a brand image for your business, and refers customers to your website for purchasing, and cross-sells and upsells. In order to keep costs of the standard customization down the process is streamlined and the build is a set of exact text and image changes per your specifications. Please see our customized branding page for more information. **Please note NCH software will not do "white label" branding whereby the product name is changed, and/or reference to NCH Software and associated copyrights are removed.

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Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program
For resellers who would simply like to refer customers and earn a commission or list/host our products on their site and receive a commission per sale we offer two affiliate programs.

Commission Junction
Earn a 30% commission from sales resulting from your affiliate referral.

  • Please click here for more details and to sign up as a Commission Junction Publisher and NCH Software Affiliate.

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Corporate and Government Sales

NCH Software provides business solutions to corporations and government departments. We can offer purchase discounts depending on your type of business and specific software needs.

We can help you easily, and cost effectively, procure all of your audio, video, dictation/transcription, business and telephony software needs. If you have any questions on volume pricing, purchase orders or licensing options please contact us through the form below and a personal sales manager will contact you.

  • Please register here to create an account and receive a quotation.

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Educational Sales

Academic Rates
50% Discount to Teachers, Students, and Educational Institutions
To be eligible to receive this academic discount, you MUST have a valid email address containing .edu or a school/university domain name. Please fill out the form for more information.

To view ideal software for students and teachers, visit our academic page.

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Hardware Distributors and Manufacturers
NCH Software provides software products to be bundled with hardware products from all around the world.

Software Distributors
NCH Software provides software to be distributed online and in retail stores through special programs in various regions of the world.

Software Publishers
NCH Software provides software to be included with non-competitive software publishers products.

Magazines with Covermount CD/DVDs
NCH Software regularly provides software to be included on covermount CDs and DVDs for publications globally.

Hardware Manufacturers, Distributors & OEM

Value Added Bundling
If you manufacture related hardware (audio, video, dictation, telephony, etc) and would like to include one of NCH's quality software applications as a value-add component then we would love to hear from you.

Please contact our sales director using this form for further information.

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Software Distributors and Publishers

Supply our Software to Retail Stores in a Specific Region
If you specialize in distributing software for placement in retail and online stores and would like to speak to us about a distribution agreement in a specific region then please contact our sales director using this form for more information.
Bundle our Software with your Software
If you are a software publisher and would be interested in bundling our software with your own software applications, then please contact our sales director using this form for more information.

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Inclusion on Covermount and General CD/DVDs

Include our Programs on a Free CD/DVD or Covermount
The programs themselves (free or trial versions without registration keys) can be distributed on any CD/DVD whether is it distributed individually or included with a covermount for a magazine. This is covered by the normal license terms -you don't need any further special permission from us.

If you would like to discuss a covermount that includes an unlocked, paid software application, or your legal department needs an agreement signed you can contact our marketing and sales director using this form for more information.

For promotions in major publications we will sometimes offer free full version on one product in exchange for including other products on the CD and in the publication. You must have a circulation of 5000 or more. Please contact our marketing and sales director using this form for more information.

Include our programs on a CD/DVD where you plan to sell the CD and want a license for a full version.
  • For under 1000 licenses prepurchased on a volume basis + account discount, please register here.
  • For more than 1000 licenses you can negotiate OEM type license pricing, please inquire here for more information.

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Reseller and Corporate Support Contracts

Reseller Support
Resellers can choose to purchase a 3-month recurring support contract where all of the reseller's customers funnel their support inquiries through the reseller, who then works directly with the NCH Software Support Team. Optionally they can choose to purchase and sell individual support contracts to each of their customers where the customer inquiries go straight from the customer to our NCH Software Support Team.

Corporate Support
Government and Corporate account purchasers can choose to purchase a 3-month recurring support contract where all of the business users funnel their support inquiries through a single technical or administrative contact within the business, who then works directly with the NCH Software Support Team. Optionally they can choose to purchase individual support contracts for each of their users where the individual inquiries go straight from the business users to our NCH Software Support Team.

Software List

These terms apply to all software applications made by NCH Software and made available for online sale except special enterprise versions some of our applications. To see our full list of applications please vist our NCH Software software product page.

There are special restrictions that apply to the special class "enterprise" versions of IVM and VRS, the DialDictate Site license and the ongoing directory lookup service of OfficeIntercom. Please confirm these with us if required.

Corporate and Government Rates

Pre-Purchase Licenses
If you are a government entity or a corporation with a requirement to purchase a large number of licenses for our award-winning software products, we can offer professional and personal sales quotations. Please fill out the inquiry form for more information.

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