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How do I create a shortcut that doesn't require a space before it?

In order to create a shortcut that will expand without a space before it, you will need to use a Macro shortcut.

For example, if you create the shortcut -year-old and want it to appear directly behind the number without a space, eg: 7-year-old, you would create the following Macro Shortcut.

  1. Select Macro Shortcut (advanced) from the Add menu
  2. Enter the shortcut in the box in the upper left
    • You can select a combination from the list by double clicking it
    • You can manually type it in by pressing the key combination on your keyboard
    • Carefully select this shortcut combination, if it already exists in the program you are using, the program shortcut will override the FastFox shortcut
  3. Select an Expansion type, for this example, click the Input button
  4. Type the expansion text between the quotation marks
  5. Click the OK button


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