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Error: No Audio Detected

I have a cable that converts the two output lines from the turn table to the single jack for the MAC. After completing the Wizard and a recording session, I see that for "recording state" there is "no audio detected"


  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Sound from the Hardware Menu
  3. Select Line In for the Input
  4. Make sure the Input volume is on the higher side
  5. Connect your hardware and play your Vinyl or Cassette to make sure the Input level starts moving
  6. Open Golden Records
  7. Select Preferences from the toolbar
  8. On the General tab, select the correct Sound record device so that the Sound input channel becomes Line In
  9. Play your vinyl or cassette and adjust the Recording volume level so that the db meter shows the volume in the good range

Windows 7

  1. Connect your Cassette Player or Record Player to the audio jack of your PC
  2. Open the Control Panel
  3. Go to Hardware and Sound
  4. Open the Sound window
  5. Go to the Recording tab
  6. Play your device and check that the DB meter of your device (to the right of your device in the list) is moving
  7. Select the device and click the Properties button
  8. Go to the Levels tab
  9. Increase the microphone volume about 20 DB
  10. Click OK to save your changes
  11. Play your device and check the DB meter again next to your device, it should have a strong signal
  12. If this is the device you always use, select it and click the Set Default button
  13. Click OK to save your changes and close the window
  14. Open Golden Records
  15. Click the Options button on the toolbar
  16. On the General tab, select the correct recording device
    • If you made your device the default device, select Default Device
  17. Select Master volume from the Sound Input Channel
  18. Use the volume slider to adjust the recording volume
    • Selecting Windows Record Mixer will take you back to the Control Panel Recording window
  19. Now use the Wizard to record your vinyl or cassette


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