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Can I Record a Whole Side of an Album or Cassette and still have Separate Tracks?

Yes, Golden Records can detect silence between each track. The option to auto-split can be toggled on and off for each recording.

  1. Click the Record button on the toolbar
  2. Select the Auto-split files based on noise floor checkbox
  3. Check that Golden Records is detecting the correct noise-floor for each record
    • This is done in the wizard, from the step Recording Volume Calibration

You also have the option to split the recording into separate tracks manually:

During recording
  1. Click the Record button on the toolbar
  2. Click Record
  3. Click the Split button during a silence to start a new track
After recording
  1. Select the recording
  2. Click the Play button on the toolbar
  3. Play the track
  4. Click the pause button between tracks
  5. Click the Add Cursor Point button at each pause
  6. Once you have finished adding a Cursor Point to each pause between tracks in the recording, click the Split File at Cursor Points in List

To designate where these tracks are saved:

  1. Click the Options button on the toolbar (Preferences on Mac)
  2. Go to the Audio Settings tab
  3. Under Output folder, select the Make copy to: checkbox
  4. Click the Browse... button and select a folder


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