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Telephone Recording Guide

Guides for setting up your computer to record phone calls

Please select the type of telephone you want to use as part of your telephone recording system:

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Telephone Type

Single Line Analog Telephone

This hardware speaks for itself. If you are using a standard, single telephone line, and the VRS Recording System or TRx Call Recording Software, then this is the setup guide you will need.

Multiple Line Analog Telephone

This setup guide is designed for people with multiple standard, single telephone lines using the VRS Recording System.

ISDN or T1 Telephone

This guide will be helpful if you are using an ISDN or T1 connection and the VRS Recording System or TRx Call Recording Software.

Internet Telephony / VoIP / SoftPhone

If you would like to set up a system for Internet telephony purposes, and are using either the Express Talk VoIP Softphone or the TRx Call Recording System, then this setup guide will be useful.

IP Phones with Proprietary I-PBX

This setup guide is for systems using IP Phones and the VRS Recording System, the TRx Single Line Recording System, or in conjunction with Axon Virtual PBX System.

PBX Units

This setup guide is for systems using a PBX unit and the VRS Recording System.

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