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IAP Superseded by BMS

With effect from 1 January 2003 and the release of BMS v 3.00, IAP Announcement Player v 3.00 has been incorporated as part of the BMS package. Just install the BMS and turn off automatic music selection to use it in IAP - Announcement Player Only mode.

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BMS Announcement System
BMS is a software package that plays announcements. Install BMS on a central computer connected to the PA system to create a powerful hard disk audio player that fully automates the scheduling and mixing of your announcements.

This software integrates the complete set of audio automation and signal processing features into one application and can drive up to 16 separate zones in the largest business centers. By using off-the-shelf computer technology, this professional announcement solution is affordable for large and small businesses.

BMS is designed specifically for business announcements. The full list of features are designed to do exactly what you need to do, without the gimmics. Importantly BMS is easy to use. If you already have a Windows computer in your business, BMS can be installed and running within minutes offering your own 24/7 announcement service. The technical specifications of BMS follow but a quick way to test it is to just download and install it.

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  • Plays announcements in multiple modes
  • Auto-playing optional recorded announcements at set times or at specified intervals in addition to manual user-play announcements.
  • All users on the computer network can play and even make announcements at their desks using IAPremote.
  • Date, time and week day announcement validity checking.
  • Automatic day time volume changes (when, for example, your business might be noisier).
  • Optional password protection when you need to restrict access to some functions.
  • Digital signal processor included within the software includes a dynamic range compressor and an active EQ for great sound quality. (These features alone can save you thousands of dollars in audio system equipment).
  • Multiple-zone (up to 16) output option for large businesses with many speaker "zones" so selected announcements play only in specified areas and the volume can be different in each zone.
  • Optional hardware connection to play announcements and microphone page including motion detector play modes.
  • Flash Screen Images can be set to display at the same time as announcements. Alternatively BMS can also run plugins which can, for example, be used to play video commercials between announcements.
  • Text-to-Speech Voice Synthesis of announcements if required.
  • Complete logs of all announcements played.
  • Simple, user-friendly operation for use on a day-to-day basis.

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Download BMS Announcement Player
The software can be downloaded by clicking on the following link. Once downloading is complete, run the file bmssetup.exe which will automatically setup the software. Once you have run the setup file, select the Help Contents item from the Help menu for a complete guide to using BMS.
You can play announcements, and even make microphone announcements, using any computer running on the same network (LAN) as the IAP. To do this you need to install the related client software application IAPremote on any other computer on the network.