IVM Example IVR Files

A number of example IVR files are listed below. These can be downloaded to your computer and then loaded into IVM, making them useful as a starting point when creating your own system. They will give you an example of a basic setup for the particular task. You will still need to take the time to read IVM's manual to be able to modify the IVR Program for your specific requirements.

These examples are for IVM versions 4.22 and earlier

Newer versions of IVM Answering Attendant come with example ivr programs built in. You can find these examples in the web interface, from the "IVR Profiles" tab select "Load New IVR Program," then select the ivr examples from the drop down menu. Install IVM here.

To download these examples right click on them and select "Save Target As":

Once you have downloaded the IVR file and saved it to your hard drive you can then load the example file into IVM using the menu item
Load->File->IVR Program File. You will be able to view the IVR Program instructions for use and modification by using the menu File->Notes.