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ISO/IEC 13714

Summary for IVM Developers

ISO/IEC 13714 is the international standard for interactive voice response systems. This is a point based summary of key recommendations. To read the original standard, please contact your nearest standards office.

When designing complex telephone interactive voice response menus and systems using the IVM Telephone Attendant Software we encourage you to follow these guidelines. Experience has shown that consistent and predictable human interfaces benefit users. The benefits include faster learning, greater productivity, fewer errors and greater satisfaction. ISO/IEC 13714 attempts to set out some guidelines to create a consistent interactive voice response interface.

Use of the # Key
The # key should be used to delimit data input, to stop recording and proceed to the next step, to skip to the next step or as a decimal point.
The preferred name for # is 'hash'.

Use of the * Key
The basic use of the * key should be to stop the current action and take the caller back one or more steps.
With data entry, the it should be to clear entry. [On the IVM Use the "Repeat OGM" Active Command].
The preferred name for * is 'star'.

Use of the 0 Key
Where possible the 0 key should be used to provide help or transfer the caller to an operator.
The preferred name for 0 is 'zero'.

Use of the 9 Key
Where possible the 9 key should be used to hang-up the call.

Alpha-to-Numeric Conversions
To ensure that both North American and European Keypad Layouts work, the following mapping must be used.
  1. QZ
  2. ABC
  3. DEF
  4. GHI
  5. JKL
  6. MNO
  7. PQRS
  8. TUZ
  9. WXYZ
Alphabetical strings that contain Q must accept 1 and 7. Alphabetical strings that contain Z must accept 1 and 9.

Yes/No Response
Yes = 1, No = 2.

Menus should be:
  • corresponding to numbers on the telephone keypad not letters;
  • phrased in the order of 'function' followed by 'action' (eg. "To..., press...");
  • in ascending numerical order and avoid gaps in numbering;
  • listed with the most commonly used function first; and,
  • limited to 4 commands (excluding help, repeat, back or end call commands).

Words and Expressions
# - 'Hash'
* - 'Star'
0 - 'Zero'

For ending a call use 'end the call' not 'disconnect' or 'terminate'.
For data entry use 'enter' not 'dial', 'key-in' or 'type'.
For inputting menu options use 'press' not 'dial', 'key', 'push' or 'touch'.

The Timeout time (Wait Time) should be between 3 and 10 seconds depending on the menu complexity.
For more detailed information and to read the original standard, please purchase the standard from your local standards office.
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