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I get a message saying my license doesn’t allow the number of OGM’s, Lines and Mailboxes I have

I get a message saying my license doesn’t allow the number of OGM’s, Lines and Mailboxes I have

There are more lines, OGMs, or mailboxes defined in your IVM setup than your license permits.  Depending on your IVM license class, you can have a set number of lines (hardware and/or VoIP), OGMs and voice mailboxes.  The warning message will list the number of Lines, Voice Mailboxes and OGMs that are currently configured in the IVM Answering Attendant.  Compare these numbers with what is allowed under your IVM license class to determine which is in excess of the license limits.

The most common cause of this message is that the number of lines have been exceeded.  VoIP services can have multiple lines per connection, and by default IVM allocates 5 simultaneous lines for each VoIP Account.  The total number of simultaneous lines allowed for all VoIP Accounts defined in IVM's Settings must not exceed the total number of lines permitted under your IVM license class.

To change the number of lines per VoIP account, click "Settings ->Settings", and on the Telephony tab double click each VoIP Account to view its Properties.  The option "Number of Simultaneous Lines Allowed" is the one you need to check and if necessary reduce for each VoIP account.

Once your lines, OGM's and Mailboxes are within your license limits, you will be able to accept calls.


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