IVM Plugins

An IVM Plugin is a small external program that IVM can run to process or obtain data during a call. For example, if you are making a interactive voice response system to tell the caller the current temperature, a plugin can be used to read from the hardware and return the temperature to IVM. A plugin could also be used to restart the computer, access a database, process credit card orders and much more.

Plugin Downloads

The plugins below are useful for developing IVR systems using IVM. They can be downloaded free.

  • GENFUNC Performs many general numeric and alphanumeric operations including =, contains, starts with, >, <,>=,
  • SQLLINK This plugin provides ODBC connectivity to link to an SQL database.
  • EMAIL Automates the sending of any file as an attachment to an email. This file actually contains 2 plugs. One sends email using MAPI (eg. Eudora, Outlook). The other sends email directly to the mail server using SMTP.
  • FAX Automates sending of faxes (eg. for telephone fax-back info-sheets etc.). Requires Windows 2000/XP with Microsoft Fax installed. This is ideal for creating fax back services.
  • GETDATA Extract data from comma delimited list (eg. account balances etc.).
  • GETDATAX Extract data from comma delimited list (advanced version).
  • SAVEDATA Saves data entered during the call in a database file (in csv format). This can be useful to allow callers to update information in the database.
  • CHECKDATA Checks a data file (comma delimited list) for a match of 2 items. Ideal for testing whether an entered ID has a correct pin using an ID,Pin data file.
  • FINDDATA Returns information from a simple database stored as a comma delimited list. Can be used to return information to a caller based on what they dial in.
  • INETURL Accesses an Internet Server (eg. for authorization, information upload etc). Also allows plugins to be run on remote computers via the internet. For example this plugin can be used to access a Mysql database via a PHP script.
  • PORT Input from hardware port (eg. dial to check security connections). Connection is made to a game port. The wiring diagram is included.
  • TAIN Use TainElectronics input or output hardware (eg. read the temperature, measure volts or switch power on and off).
  • RAND Create a random variable (eg. to play random announcements).
  • RESTART Reboot computer on network (eg. dial IVM to reboot crashed server).
  • IVMVIEW These are 3 exes designed for displaying text windows during a call. They are ideal for notifying the operator of the progress and status of a call.
  • OUTBOUND This plugin is used to initiate an outbound autodial call from within a call (using perhaps data entered during the call).

Using Plugins

You must understand IVM system setup well before you should attempt to use plugins. For more information about how to use these plugins, please refer to IVM's Help Manual.

Plugins are distributed in zip files containing a text file which provides more information about it and explains how to use it and the plugin exe file. The general process is to extract the exe file into the IVM folder (C:\Program Files\NCH Swift Sound\IVM) then setup the plugin using the Advanced tab of the relevant OGM properties.

The text file in the zip file will explain what arguments are required and more about how to use it. You should also refer to the Using Plugins topic on IVM Help.

Writing your own Plugins

If you are a programmer (C++, Visual Basic etc.) you can write your own plugins. For more information about how to do this please see the IVM Software Development Kit (SDK) www.nch.com.au/ivm/sdk.html.

Plugin Development Services

NCH Software do not provide these services in house. For assistance writing a plugin to suit your business needs please see the services offered here.