How do I configure IVM with Axon?


On the IVM side of things, here is what you need to know:
  1. If you install IVM after Axon is installed (on the same computer), IVM will detect Axon and create extensions 198 and 199 for you in the VoIP line settings. These two VoIP lines are set to each allow 5 multiple instances of themselves, meaning you can have up to 5 callers using an extension at the one time. If you wish to change this value, go to Settings -> VoIP -> double-click either extension 198 and 199 and change the "Number of simultaneous lines allowed" field. Note that each instance of the line counts as an actual line and may affect your IVM licensing arrangement, so consider that when changing the setting.
  2. If you look in the OGM Manager, you will note that 198 has been configured to point to a Call Attendant OGM. Extension 199 is setup for VoiceMail.
  3. For extension 198 the setup is minimal, you are given the "VoIP Call Attendant Start" OGM, and then you have to setup your Call Attendant structure yourself.
  4. For extension 199, this has been setup so that callers can ring in from outside and go through to IVM and leave a voicemail message in your mailbox. You do not need to create mailboxes manually, a mailbox for your extension will automatically appear in the Voice Mailbox list and all voice mails for your extension will appear in that box.
  5. To check your voice mail you must call in from your extension, simply dial 199 and that will let you directly access your mailbox and check your messages.
  6. The default OGM Voicemail setup does not allow for calling in from outside and checking your voicemail messages, you must alter the configuration to handle that. The suggested way is to have an extra SIP line configured in Axon that is used just for calling in and checking voicemail. Use the "Access Mailbox Control" item in your OGM configuration in order to get into the mailbox system. Select "Prompt for Mailbox Access" if you want password protection on your mailboxes, and also ensure in your Mailbox properties that you have "Remote Access" checked and a password set.


On the Axon side, the following is what you need to know to connect IVM to Axon:

In the Axon web control panel:

  1. Edit the SIP line called "Default" and set it to ring on any extension or group of your choosing. Configure it with your SIP details.
  2. Click on an extension that is configured to ring when someone rings your SIP line (as you have configured in the previous step) and verify it uses the "Default" dialing plan. If you want to use IVM for VoiceMail, check "Use voice mail if not answered or busy" and set the extension to 199, and the time to whatever you like. If you are interested in IVM Call Attendant features, you can either change the extension to 198 instead of 199, or you can edit your default SIP line to ring directly on 198 and ignore this step altogether.

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