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Record phone calls on your computer

Phone Recording Software

Software to Record Telephone Calls on PC & Mac

Download software to record phone calls on your computer. NCH Software has call recording software to suit businesses, call centers or home phone call recording. Select one of the phone recorders below, download free, and be ready to start recording phone calls in just minutes.

PC Telephone Recording Software 
VRS Call Recording Software
  • Suitable for any recording from home to business
  • Record up to 64 phone lines with automatic or manual recording
  • Live phone monitoring for quality control in a corporate setting
Designed to record anywhere from 1 to 64 telephone lines manually or automatically. Features include signal processing for enhanced audio quality, audio compression, search, remote monitoring for quality assurance and all other features required for everything from a single line phone call recorder to a robust corporate call recording solution.
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Express Talk Softphone with VoIP Call Recording
  • Record VoIP phone calls on demand
  • Suitable for home or business use
  • Use with any VoIP SIP gateway provider
The Express Talk softphone has many practical features designed for business users, including call recording, call conferencing, the ability to transfer calls, a push to talk intercom, do not disturb mode, multiple line configuration and more.
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TRx Workstation Call Recorder
  • Manual recording of one phone line
  • Suitable for home or business
  • Records on the user's computer
A single line telephone recording program for Windows and Mac OS X. Manually record phone conversations on a phone line connected to a voice modem, call recording adapter, or professional telephony card directly at the computer where the call takes place.
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IVM Voicemail Messaging Software
  • Automated message recording
  • Voicemail based solution
  • Inbound or outbound calls
IVM is an interactive voice response and voicemail program that can create an automated telephone menu/auto attendant, as well as handle voicemail systems and record telephone messages.
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