About the NCH Toolbar

The NCH Toolbar is a great way to stay up to date with the latest information from NCH Software. When a program is updated or a special offer is made, we'll let you know with the NCH Toolbar. It's also a great way to search the web.

The toolbar installs into your web browser, and is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

NCH Toolbar Installation Wizard

In selected NCH Software programs, the "Related Programs" dialog has an "Install the NCH Toolbar for your browser" check-box. Check this check-box and click Next to launch the "NCH Toolbar Installation Wizard".

On the Options page of the wizard, select which web browser or browsers you would like to install the toolbar into, whether you would like to make the NCH Software search engine your default search engine, and whether you would like to make the NCH Software search page your home page. Click Next to begin the installation.

Note: The option to install the Mozilla Firefox toolbar is disabled if Firefox is not installed.

The Installing page of the wizard shows installation status messages and installation progress.

When installation has finished, or is stopped, the last page of the wizard shows the installation result. If the toolbar was successfully installed, click Finish to quit the wizard. If there was an error during installation, click Back to try again.

See Also

To read more about the NCH Toolbar, or to manually install the toolbar, visit the NCH Toolbar website.

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