Setting Up An FTP Server

You can setup an ftp server by using FileZillas free ftp server software available for download from:


Then Easily Upload files to the FTP server using Fling. Available for download from:



  1. Double click the FileZilla_Server-0_9_18.exe file to instal the FileZilla server
    1. Agree to the license terms.
    2. Click Next for a standard installation.
    3. Select your preferred service startup and click next.
    4. Choose how the interface is started then click finish.
  2. On the 'Connect To Server' dialogue put in an Admin password that you will remember for making changes to the server.
    1. Tick the option to always connect to this server then push OK.
  3. You should now be looking at the FileZilla program. If not double click the FileZilla Ican on your desktop to start configuring your ftp server.

  1. Click Edit -> Users to open the user configuration.
  2. Click the Add button and enter a Username, then tick the Password option and enter a password that the user will use to connect.
  3. Click the Shared Folders Link on the left, then the Add button below the Shared Folders section to add a folder that the users can see when they log onto the server.
  4. Lastly check the Read, Write, and Delete options are ticked so the user can access, add and delete files.
  5. Then push OK to finish the setup.
Setting Passive FTP

  1. NCH's products use the passive ftp method for retrieving files.
  2. Click Edit -> Settings -> Passive Mode Settings to set the passive ports that FileZilla will issue.
  3. Tick the 'Use custom port range' option and select a range of ports you want to use.
    Eg 42000-42100
  4. This port range needs to be added to the windows firewall in the exceptions list.
Router/Modem configuration

  1. If the Filezilla server is running, but you still cannot get a connection to the server, please check your router/modem configuration is allowing communication through port 21.
  2. Also add the Passive port range that you set in FileZilla into your router/modem to allow connections on those ports.

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