Palm Dictate Voice Recorder for Palm PCs

Dictate With Your Handheld Palm PDA

Palm Dictate is a PDA voice recorder and dictation software. You can dictate directly on your PDA running Palm OS 5.0 (or above) using the buttons on the unit. When done, tap send and the dictation will be compressed, encrypted and sent to your typist by email automatically.

For ease of use, operation of the record and playback features is designed to closely mimic that of old style dictation recorders. For example, you record by holding down the record button on the side of your Palm PC. Release the button to stop. To continue from where you were press it down again. You can also playback, rewind, insert or overwrite as required using the keys on the front.

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The software is designed to have all the features you need as easy to use as possible and reliable for day-to-day operation. If you install Palm Dictate you will quickly find it will replace your old dictaphone and, by using the internet to send dictations, will improve the turnaround on typing.

Is Palm Dictate right for me?

Palm Dictate will only run on units that use Palm OS 5.0. This will generally be older Palm PC models. Most new Palm PCs now run on Windows Mobile (eg: Palm Treo 700 series) and should use Pocket Dictate for Pocket PC devices instead. Please check your Palm PC's manual to confirm which operating system your unit uses.


  • Record and playback dictation using the buttons on the Palm device.
  • Editing, inserting and overwriting. You can select between record overwrite, record insert and record end modes.
  • Optional voice activated recording. When selected Palm Dictate only records while you are speaking.
  • Automatic compression of audio files to reduce upload times and storage requirements.
  • Encryption of recordings prior to transmission to comply with patient or client confidentiality requirements.
  • Sends recording in compressed wave (wav) or dictation (dct) file formats.
  • Sent files can be managed using dictation management software
    (eg. Express Delegate Dictation File Manager).
  • All files sent by Palm Dictate can be transcribed by the free foot pedal controlled transcriber software Express Scribe Transcription Player Software.

PDA Voice Recorder

System Requirements
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- Palm OS (Win Installer)
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- Pocket PC Version
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System Requirements
  • You must have a Palm PC with an ARM based processor (most do).
  • Palm Dictate does not work on Pocket PC or CE2.0 devices. For Pocket PCs please see Pocket Dictate Professional Dictation Software.
  • Your device must run on Palm OS 5.0 or higher. If you have a newer style Palm PC that runs on Windows Mobile, please use Pocket Dictate instead. Check your devices manual if you are not sure.
  • The Palm PC must have a built in microphone & speaker.
  • [Optional] Internet Connection (for immediate emailing).
  • [Optional] Versamail email client.
To dictate using Pocket PCs or Palm PC units running on Windows Mobile, see our Pocket Dictate professional dictation software website.

Download Palm Dictate Voice Recorder
If you are using a Mac to download use The file should open with StuffIt. Upload the 2 prc files (MathLib.prc and PalmDictate.prc) to your Palm with your Palm software.

We also recommend your typist install the foot pedal controlled transcription player software Express Scribe from Express Scribe is free.

Pricing Info and Purchase Palm Dictate User license
You must purchase (register) a license to use Palm Dictate. When you purchase an Palm Dictate license you also receive a license to use Express Dictate and DialDictate (see below). For more information about purchasing a license, including current pricing, please see:
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Palm Dictate is just one part of the NCH Swift Sound Dictation and Transcription Software Suite. On the pages below you will find many other software related solutions to improve dictation and typing turnaround.

Typist or Transcription Services Directory
For the benefit of our software users, we maintain a directory of businesses that can type/transcribe material sent by Palm Dictate at If you offer typing services you can be listed (see the site).

Software Development and Customization Services
If you have any suggestions for improvements to Palm Dictate or suggestions for other audio software that you might need, please visit our suggestions page. Many of our software projects have been undertaken after suggestions from users like you.

We also offer custom audio software development services for commercial organisations. Please visit our development page for more information.