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Multi-track MP3 and audio mixing software

Designed to have all the studio features you need without the clutter, MixPad lets you mix multiple audio tracks together quickly and easily. You can also record your own audio tracks using MixPad's high quality audio recorder.

Rapid Response Mixing with Unlimited Tracks

Work with an unlimited amount of tracks and enjoy using MixPad's intuitive user interface for rapid response mixing and recording. Navigate the timeline of your audio files easily using the project cursor, and add fade points at precise locations to adjust volume or to pan the audio.

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Fast and Easy Recording

Recording your clip in MixPad is easy. Simply enable the Rec button in the track control of any track(s) you would like to record to. Once the track(s) are in record standby mode, simply press the main record button and MixPad will start recording. You can easily record to multiple tracks by putting more than one track into record standby mode. MixPad has many powerful recording features including the ability to record several different sources into different tracks at the same time.

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All-in-one Audio Mixing and Editing at High Definition
Record, load, mix, arrange, and edit your audio in one easy-to-use application. Produce high-quality audio files with sample rates up to 96 kHz for HD- and DVD-quality audio.

Powerful Track Control

MixPad's powerful track control panel allows you to apply changes to individual tracks such as mute or solo (mutes all other tracks). MixPad also features a high quality audio recorder as well as a number of useful audio effects.

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Audio Effects and Restoration Tools

Add powerful effects to your audio clips such as echo, reverb and more. MixPad is also seamlessly integrated with WavePad sound editor to allow you to restore low-quality recordings; remove microphone pops, hisses, hums, and other audio artifacts; and fix clipped audio. Any changes to a clip in WavePad will be automatically updated in MixPad.

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MIDI Editing

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The Ultimate Beat Maker

Creating a beat track for your project is easy with the included Beat Maker tool. Use one of the included percussion kits or customize your own kit with sounds from your computer. Customize one of the sample beats or use the simple click and drag interface to start from scratch. Play your beat on a loop while you fine tune the pattern, then export to your project track.

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MixPad Audio Mixer is very easy to use. Simply import your audio files and you are ready to begin mixing. Or, for recording your own audio tracks, simply click the 'Record Clip' button on the toolbar. You can then export your final project in a variety of audio formats including .wav and .mp3.
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