Express Talk Software Integration API

NOTE: This information is intended for programmers only.

We have attempted to make controlling Express Talk from within your programs to be as simple as possible and available from many languages, the command line and even telnet if required.

It is controlled by running the talk.exe with arguments. Express Talk will automatically detect if it is already running and process the arguments correctly - you will not end up with multiple instances of Express Talk.

For testing purposes you can execute Express Talk commands from the command line. From most programs you would control trx using the WinExec command and specify the correct path to the exe like this in C++...

WinExec( "\"C:\\Program Files\\NCH Software\\Express Talk\\talk.exe" -hangup", SW_SHOWNORMAL ); Because there is a space in the path name it is important to include it between "".

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Locating talk.exe

After you have run the setup file talk.exe will be located in: C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Express Talk\talk.exe

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-dial [number]
This will dial the SIP number you enter in the "[number]" parameter.

Example: "C:\Program Files\NCH Software\Express Talk\talk.exe" -dial "" -hangup
This hangs-up the current call

Answer an incoming phone call.

Puts the current call on hold.

Takes the on-hold call off hold. If there are multiple lines on hold, calling this multiple times will cycle through all on-hold calls.

-dtmf [key]
This sends a DTMF tone down the line during a phone call. For the "[key]" parameter, you can use any numbers from 0 to 9 inclusive, as well as * and #.

Hides the window of Express Talk.

Reveals the Express Talk Window

This starts Express Talk (if it is not open already) and minimizes the program to the system tray.

This closes Express Talk (complete exit).

Starts recording the current call.

Stops the current recording.

To open an existing Express Talk instance at any time simply run the "talk.exe" executable file (or use the -show argument from above).


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If you have any problems with the above you can contact us using the form at Technical Support Questions and Contacts.

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