DCT File Format Software Development Kit

ETOOLS is the software integration tool and documentation that lets third party developers manage the dct files created by Express Dictate, DialDictate, MSRS or Pocket Dictate.

If you are not familiar with those applications, you should download them and become familiar with the way they work before you continue to use ETOOLS.

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Note: Express Dictate also has an API to allow other software to control it. For more information, please see www.nch.com.au/express/sdk.html.

To use ETOOLS you must be a software developer with a basic understanding how to run processes from within your application, decode XML format data and read data from pipes. If you are not a programmer and want a simpler user application, please consider our user application Express Delegate or engage our programmers to setup a system for you.


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Download E-Tools

Etools.zip contains etools.exe (the executable for decoding and extracting information from dct files). You can distribute etools.exe free with your applications (see the license terms in Help/licenceterms.html in the Help directory of E-Tools).

If you have difficulties using etools, please Contact Us.

Software Suggestions and Development Services
If you have any suggestions for improvements to ETOOLs or suggestions for other audio software that you might need, please visit our suggestions page. Many of our software projects have been undertaken after suggestions from users like you.

We also offer custom audio software development services for commercial organisations. Please visit our development page for more information.