NCH Software Customer Reviews

Five Star Review

Easy to Use and Powerful

I purchased this software as a download from NCH Software. I've used Express Rip for more than four years (nothing like a timely review) and it is great. It is easy to use and I have experienced no issues with it. I have three other audio-related products (Switch Sound File Converter, Express Burn and SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder) from NCH and I am very pleased with all of them. Great products at a great price.
- John_JT

Five Star Review

Finally an app that is intuitive and not requiring a manual or bizarre thinking

a snap to install and it is 95% intuitive and easy to use. Well thought out. I have not cracked the user manual, but I am sure that would make the experience even better
- Ron M

I've been using the free version of Switch for a couple of years. I write and record music, and my DAW uses WAV files, which I convert to mp3 for easy uploading and smaller file sizes. I convert mp3 to WAV, also.Recently I purchased a sports camera, and use Prism to convert MOV files to mp4.I saved 50% by bundling these 2 programs. I'll always come to NCH Software for my software needs
- Larry Kendrick

ever heard of the #sample #editor called #wavepad? just downloaded, works like a charm. and it´s free (+ fast)!!
- Chris Corrado

I've downloaded your NCH Software and I like how practical and friendly is to use it, I am starting to play with family pictures as a hobby and I think it'll be more to contact you. Thanks.
- Rolando A Peralta

Love your audio products @nchsoftware Thanks for making intuitive, easy to use audio products!! WavePad, SoundTap, MixPad.
- MagicLamp

Five Star Review

easily and familiar right away

Does nearly everything, very versatile and works fast.
- even open movie files and extract audio segments
- saves in any popular format
- opens just about any kind of sound file
- very traditional XP look, tasks on the left, toolbar, easily and familiar right away
- menus are simple to understand
- can only install on 2 PCs and then they ask you to buy it again - not the end of the worldsummary:
Can't imagine life without it. Any time I've got an audio problem I run straight to this program and it seems to deal with it
- Pablos544

Five Star Review

Price is right for excellent, simple editor

Superbly simple and effective editing software for a non-sound engineer, i.e. most of us doing podcasts or home based VO work. Simplicity is the key and great editing tools.
- Foster

I have only used Switch twice and I found it terrific. I am in my 50's and not very savy with computers and software and it took me quite a while to find your Switch and could not believe that I was able to use it straight away with no problems and no problems with recording my new mp3 file and the Switch and I created. Keep up the good work. I know, I, for one, is very happy with it's ease of use and the result obtained. Thank you once again.
- Nicole

I downloaded the software specifically to convert Sony Voice Recorder files to wave files which it does brilliantly.
Many thanks.
- Tom

I have found your product to be a very useful tool in managing my CD needs. I have converted some of the older formats to MP3 so far, and lost no quality at all in the conversion. Thank you for such a nice product.
- Ted

I think it is marvellous, all my music on my laptop had been somehow monopolized by iTune MP4 player a friend of mine installed on the lap top. I could never play these songs on my iRiver and was very frustrated for months until I downloaded the Switch software. Very versatile, very easy to use, sure makes me a happy camper...
- Karl

I've found the software to be very useful. I really appreciate the straightforward interface, I simply Add files, choose the output format and place, and hit Convert. Very simple, very direct, very useful. I'm working on getting USC's IT department to add this program to their list of useful programs on the downloads section of the student homepage. The incredibly straightforward interface and function of the software simply make it an excellent platform for both advanced users and non-experienced users, the labelling is simple, the main settings are all on the same screen, I really like it. If anyone asks me about converting audio files, I'm going to tell them about your program. Keep up the good work.
- Justin

I tried and have been using Switch to converts my music files and I am very happy with it. It works wonderfully without any problem. I would be happy to endorse it or pay for your software. The usage of Switch is a breeze. You guys did a wonderful job. Guess what is required is visibility to the rest of the world. I tried couple others before and have given up on a few as they are either hard to use or could not convert properly.
- Leonard

I've used Switch, Express Rip, Express Burn all three of these software samples were easy to use and I think everyone making computer music should definitely consider nch products.converting through switch after ripping with Express Rip to easy! Well done!!!!
- Anonymous

Its about time....that I said thank you for wave misses out good and goes straight to my top ten programmes of all it..use it all the has changed my musical life!!
- Ruth

I think that the software I downloaded (NCH Swift Sound) is, by far, one of the best audio programs I've ever downloaded. It is extremely easy to use, and fits my needs perfectly. Not only will I recommend NCH to friends/colleagues should they be searching for audio software, but I will be returning to NCH in the future should I be searching for audio software of a different breed. I have never had any problem paying for software, but I am always wary of purchasing software without having had the chance to demo it first. Having the opportunity to sample for free a software application written by NCH makes me feel more confident about purchasing software from NCH in the future, should I need it.
- Jesse