I Do Not Hear Any Sound Through My Speakers or Headphones

If you cannot hear any sound through your speakers or headphones, please check the following:
  1. Have you selected the right sound output device? Usually this is an option on Settings.
  2. Do you see the DB display moving when you play? If no there is something wrong with the source of the audio audio - see the support page of the particular product you are using for clues.
  3. Do you have the Wave fader selected, turned up and not muted on Volume Control? Open Volume Control by double clicking on the speaker icon on the tray of the task bar.
  4. Are the speakers or headphones connected properly?
  5. Check some other software is not locking the device?
If none of the above seem to apply then try to play another wav file with other software (say Windows Media Player). If that does not work, it is likely that you have a sound card problem - speak to your computer support staff.

If wav file playback through Media Player works, then contact us for more support. When contacting us confirm the results of all your tests above.

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