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NCH Software Programs are Safe

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Norton and McAfee certify NCH Software as safe

Norton Safe Site Certifies NCH Software as Safe
McAfee Certifies NCH Software as Safe

Are toolbars offered during installation?

No, toolbars are not a part of the NCH Software installation process.

In the past, NCH Software has offered consumers the option to download an Ask or Google toolbar along with their software application. While the toolbar download was never required in order to download the software application, we have had requests from our valued users that we remove this option from our software.

As of July 31,2015, we have removed all toolbar downloads from our software, and have since been cleared by both Norton and McAfee. Please note that software released prior to July 31, 2015 may contain a toolbar offer. If you do not wish to install the toolbar, simply uncheck that option during installation.

If you have accidentally installed a toolbar from one of our older versions or from another company’s product, we provide directions on removing an unwanted toolbar on our Toolbar Uninstall Page.

Will NCH Software change my default programs?

No, our software will not change what programs open files outside of our proprietary formats.

We recently discovered a bug in a few of our programs that was changing file associations. This was completely unintentional and we apologize for any frustration and difficulties that this may have caused our users.

Thank you to our customers who notified us of the issue, so that we could get it fixed. This bug was fixed in January 2016, and is no longer an issue. Please note that software versions released prior to January 2016 may contain the bug, although it did not affect all of our programs. If you do see this issue, please contact our Support Team to notify us of the issue and for any other assistance you may need.

I only need one program, am I required to download a suite?

You are never required to download multiple products with NCH Software. During the installation process, we occasionally offer related programs that will help with your productivity. These programs are optional and not required to complete the download.

Uninstalling a program is simple and easy.

If you find that our software did not meet your needs for any reason, please go to our Product Uninstall Page for simple instructions on how to uninstall our programs.

The NCH Software Guarantee

NCH Software has held its customers’ satisfaction as a top priority since 1993, and we will continue to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Our Support Team.