Dictation Software

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Dictation Programs for Windows and Mac

Digital Dictation Software

Record and send dictation to your typist with Express Dictate computer dictation software.
Also available for iPhone and Android devices

Dictation Recorder App

Dictate directly on your iPhone, tap send and the recorded dictation will be compressed, encrypted and sent to your typist automatically.

Telephone Dictation Software

Set up a phone-in dictation system with Dial Dictate to record, replay, edit and manage dictation files by pressing numbers on your telephone keypad.

Internet Dictation Software

Host a webpage where users can log in to record, edit and send dictation from any Java enabled web browser using Web Dictate.

Transcription Software

Express Scribe is professional dictation playback tool to assist typists in the transcription of dictation recordings.

Text Expander Software

FastFox is text expansion program used to insert commonly typed text quickly and easily, and can help reduce transcription time.

Dictation Workflow Management

Manage the dictation/transcription workflow of audio files created and transcribe by multiple users.

Conference and Court Recorder

MSRS is designed for recording court or conference proceedings, recording multiple inputs to a single audio file often used for later transcription.