Slice Audio File Splitter

MP3 and Audio File Splitting Software

  • Split large mp3, wav and other audio files to usable lengths.
  • Split based on length or silence detection.
  • Downloads and ready to use within minutes.

Slice is a free audio file splitter that is designed to split audio files into a set number or a set duration. This easy mp3 splitter software can also detect a specified amount of silence and split the file at these points. Great for an mp3 containing multiple tracks (for example an entire CD in one file) and splitting it up into individual tracks.

Designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, Slice will have you splitting wav files, mp3 and other audio files within minutes and creating audio file sizes you want. For more comprehensive audio editing Download WavePad Audio Editor for Windows.

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There are three basic slicing operations that can be carried out:
  • Slice into x many files (slice one 10MB mp3 into two 5MB files).
  • Slice into files of x duration where duration equals HH:MM:SS (split one 10 minute track into two 5 minute tracks).
  • Slice into individual tracks using silence detection.

We make Slice free because we know you will love it so much you will want to try our other audio software programs. Combine it with Switch Audio File Converter Software (to convert your .wav formats into Mp3 and back), WavePad Audio Editing Software and MixPad Multitrack Audio Mixer and you will have a complete audio software suite.

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  • Split MP3, WAV, OGG and FLAC audio files.
  • Several ways to split mp3 files (by number of files, duration or silence detection).
  • Split multiple files at the same time.
  • Split music files with silence detection to determine the end of a song.
  • MPEG Layer-3 encoder supports constant or variable bit rates from 8 to 320kbps with optional error correction and stereo modes.
  • Drag and dropping of mp3 files into application fully supported.
  • Optimized CPU usage and efficient code for fastest conversion times.
  • Settings are stored on program exit.
  • Slice option added to Windows right-click menu.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.

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USB Audio Input Devices Headsets

System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista & Windows 7
  • For earlier Windows versions (98, ME) please click here
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