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I-Producer is a specialist software application for the production of on-hold messages, in-store announcements, telephone information lines, website audio and other voice over productions. It is intended for use by professional studios and will provide significant time saving and quality improvements to the production process.

If you install the I-Producer and take the time to learn all of its features, it will revolutionize your production process. It will speed up your production process giving your production studio scope for growth and give you time to focus on the thing that matters - your business. You will wonder how you ever produced without it!

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System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 & Windows 7
  • Sound Card
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I-Producer assists you to:

  • Record and edit announcements and messages.
  • Maintain a music library.
  • Produce messages on-hold mixes instantly including spacing and timing of messages to exact duration if required.
  • Keep track of customer contact details.
  • Process audio for in-store or telephone or internet.
  • Automatically upload or email updates to customers.
  • Produce messages on hold for
  • Audio editor included for cut, trim, silence, repeat loop and similar edit functions.
  • Automatic audio quality function optimised for telephone including Dynamic Range Compression, Multi-Band Limiting, Noise Gating, De-Essing, Dynamic EQ and Enhanced Level Control. All of these adjust automatically, saving you time.
  • Support for multiple location productions so you can update many customised locations in a very short time.
  • Create online script forms with WebEdit and customer web pages with WebPublish automatically from your voice over scripts.
  • Advanced automated 'fuzzy logic' message scheduling system.
  • Designed to make the production process fast and effective and sounding good.
I-Producer can be used free to produce on-hold messages for CD, Cassette or other Digital Units. To use I-Producer for encoding the new computer player software files (IMS and IAP) you need to have registered that software. For more information, please see the IMS/IAP Reseller Program.

On Hold Messages Production

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