Recommended Voice Modems (Specific Models)

We regularly survey modems and contact our customers for feedback to obtain more information about common modems which are (or are not) fully TAPI compliant.

We must emphasise that we cannot 100% guarantee the compatibility of any particular modem. The information below is based on customer reports. Sometimes a modem will work on one computer and not on another. You will also note that there are some inconsistent reports in the list below. If you have doubts, the best suggestion is to either contact the modem manufacturer and ask whether their modems are TAPI compliant or, perhaps more simply, purchase the modem from a store that has a return policy and test it (see above for test information).

Lunar Lunar voice modems generally work well. They do not support caller ID however. One customer has also reported hook flash problems.
Zoom Zoom voice modems are suitable if you need caller ID but not for DTMF tone press detection. The PCI3025C and 3049C are good because they report caller ID. You should use the updated driver available from zoom technical support (some modems were shipped with defective inf files). The main fault with Zoom modems is they have a long (2second+) delay to respond to DTMF tones - so don't use a zoom modem if you need menus.
Conexant Conexant brand voice modems. We have received good reports about these but we are not sure that all features (eg CID) are supported by their drivers. The Conexant HSFi CX11252-11 internal PCI modem works well with IVM - except for CID, which does not work with this modem. A zip file containing Windows NT4.0, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP modem drivers for the HSFi CX11252-11 can be downloaded from here. This file includes a video on installing the drivers in Windows XP.
Jalton Jatonvoice modems are a cheap option. The WinComm (Intel 536EP chip) V.92 PCI and Jaton Communicator V90 internal 56K have worked well for customers. Technical support from Jaton is poor however. You may need to adjust the hook-flash time (if you need hook-flash) using +VTD=50 if you need to transfer calls with it.
Swann Swann voice modems have been tested and work well. Make sure you manually install the drivers following the instuctions provided in the manual. The default Windows plug-and-play detection installs the wrong drivers which do not work.
Creative & Broadxent These are very popular voice modems and we have many and mixed reports. It does seem the more recent modems do work well since Creative overcame problems with Windows XP. Models are available with caller ID (we have not tested them yet). If you have one of these modems, please send your reports to us via our Contact Us page. We have a new report of the model PCID15633 having DTMF tone detection delay problems. Creative technical support has also advised that you cannot change the default flash-hook times (for call transfers) so don't purchase a creative modem if you want to be able to transfer calls.
Pragmatic/Lectron We have had positive reports about the I56LVP-F40 (Agere 16478C chip) 56k V.92 PCI voice modem. However driver installation can be difficult - make sure you remove any drivers from previous modems before installing. Web site is poor.
Hayes Accura We have had a number of 'working' reports of these modems.
US Robotics These modems are unpredictable. A driver update is available on the USR website.
NetComm Roadster You will need to download and install the Rockwell Drivers to use the Netcomm Roadster.
NetComm InModem This will only work with the version 8.18 drivers. Later drivers are incompatible.
Maestro Please check the Maestro website for driver updates if you have problems. The Maestor Jetstream 3 has unresolved problems with DTMF detection.
MultiTech We have received positive user reports for several models: i) multimodem model MT5634ZPX-PCI-V92; ii) the various models of the MT5634ZBA modem; iii) voice/data/fax modem model MT5656ZDXV - this model supports the Bellcore (Telecordia) caller ID used in North America and some other countries.
Lucent Win Modem Lucent modems are usually reliable, but have been known to misinterpret telephone DTMF tones. Unfortunately the Lucent Win Modem does not support caller ID at present.
Way2Call See the comments on the Voice Modems and Telephony Devices page. For more information and pricing on the Way2Call TAPI USB Hi-Phone Desktop Lite voice modem.
Other modems that work Other modems that work include the 1456VQE-C e-Modem V90 56k, GTW V.92 Voicemodem, Supramax56, Aopen FM 56-PM PCI V.90,MDA-56P (W2000), Netcomm USB RAVE modem (AM5060) (W2000), Best Data - Smart One V.92 Lite HCF PCI Modem 56FW-PC (W2000), Comp USA generic V.90 PCI,SKU#274406 (W98), 'Topic', Dynalink, WISECOM, Generic HSP56 PCI, Viking, RockwellRC56D2(EXT), GeniusGM56PCI-L, Modem Blaster 56II and PCI56K and the ASK56K.
Other modems with problems Other modems with problems include the Intel HaM and the Smartlink USB e500. You can buy some voice modems online. Make sure the modem is a voice modem before selecting it.
Other Voice Modems If you find a voice modem that works which is not listed, or a voice modem which does not work please post your comments on the Modems Support and Discussion Forum. You will help out other users who need to decide what modem to buy.

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