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With MixPad multi-track recording and mixing software, you can access all the power of professional recording and mixing equipment through a single platform that streamlines the process and makes mixing a breeze.

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How to Navigate MixPad Multitrack Recording Software

In this tutorial you'll learn how to navigate MixPad Multitrack Recording Software v4.10. You'll learn what's on the Home tab, how to use Track Controls, the functions available on the Menu bar and Explorer bar, and what's on the other tabs.

Using Multiple Tracks

This tutorial will show you how to use multiple tracks in MixPad Multitrack Recording Software. You'll learn how to add and delete tracks, how to use the volume and pan sliders, recording on multiple tracks, using mute and solo to control the audio, how to set audio options, and how to use the automation button.

Editing Audio Clips

Watch this tutorial to learn basic editing functions of MixPad. You will learn to delete clips, reposition clips, select and copy clips, split and merge clips, and trim clips. In addition, you will learn to lock a perfected clip to prevent accidental changes. And finally, the very important, undo, redo, and history buttons.

Loading Audio Clips

This tutorial will guide you through the process of loading an audio clip to MixPad. Learn to load an audio clip from your hard drive, a CD, or from the included royalty free library.

Beat Maker

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create beats with the MixPad Beat Maker. You will learn how to build drum kits and add, edit and remove beats in your track. This tutorial also demonstrates how to control the looping feature and use beat patterns from the pattern library.

Mixer Window

This tutorial teaches you how to access the Mixer Window and also gives an overview of the tools available from this window. In addition, learn how to apply a VSTi plugin or change the track color to easily differentiate between instruments.

How to Mix

This tutorial will show you how to mix audio, music and voice recordings. Learn how to load audio clips, adjust the volume of a track or clip, pan clips and export your finessed version.

How to Make a Mixtape

This tutorial shows you that you can effortlessly make a mixtape. MixPad will analyze the tempo and volume of each clip, automatically arrange the clips and add a small crossfade overlap between each clip.

How to Make a Mashup

This tutorial shows you that you can easily make a mashup using MixPad's built-in Beat Match Project Tempo tool. We show you how to use audio from multiple sources and combine it in creative ways to build a new track.

How to Change Speed

This tutorial teaches you how to change the speed of a selected clip. Learn how to keep the pitch constant as you make speed changes.

How to Loop audio

This tutorial teaches you how to loop audio tracks. Looping a track means that a selected track will play on repeat from start to finish until pause or stop is clicked. This tutorial also teaches you how to use the loop recording mode to perform multiple takes at once, then select your favorite take.

How to Record Your Voice

This tutorial teaches you how to record a vocal track. Learn how to select your recording mic, adjust recording settings and listen to other tracks as you record.

How to Record a Track While Listening to Another Track

This tutorial teaches you how to simultaneously listen to other tracks while recording a track.

How to Record from a DJ Turntable

This tutorial video will show you how to record from a DJ turntable.

How to Save as MP3

This tutorial teaches you how to export your project as an MP3 file.

How to Boost Bass in an Audio File

This tutorial video will show you how to boost the bass in an audio file.

How to Connect Devices

This tutorial video will show you how to connect devices in MixPad.

Note: the tutorials on this page are for MixPad beginning with version 3.51. For tutorials for other NCH Software products see the NCH Software YouTube Channel.

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