Express Scribe Tutorial

Express Scribe Transcription Software uses hot keys or a foot pedal to help transcribe audio recordings and control audio playback.

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Transcription Software Overview

This video introduces you to the Express Scribe interface, transcribing recordings, keyboard shortcuts and hot keys, adjusting volume & playback speed, and navigating the toolbars and menus within the program.

Changing the Automatic Backstep on Stop

This video demonstrates how to automatically have the dictation back up a small amount of time when lifting your foot off the play pedal or when using stop on the play controls.

Using Speech to Text

This video explains how to set up speech-to-text in Express Scribe and how to create default and user-specific profiles.

Using a Transcription Template

If you have content and formatting requirements in your word processing program that you use with your transcriptions, you can save time by creating a template for use with Express Scribe. This video demonstrates how to use the default template or create your own templates for use with Express Scribe.

Note: the tutorials on this page are for Express Scribe version 6.10. For tutorials for other NCH Software products see the NCH Software YouTube Channel.

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Once you get started using Express Scribe Transcription Software to playback and transcribe audio recordings, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.

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