MSRS Conference and Court Recording System

Multichannel Deposition, Court, & Conference Recording Software

MSRS is a powerful multiple channel voice recorder ideal for recording at any multi-speaker forum.
  • Digital court recording
  • Deposition recording
  • Meeting or conference recording
MSRS has the ability to record up to 32 separate audio channel inputs to a single audio file in the dct format or to multiple files for each channel in mp3, wav or dct file formats. It also allows you to send the recordings for transcription or archiving using FTP, email or a computer network.

Download MSRS and try it for yourself for a quick way to and see if it will be suitable for your recording needs.

Download MSRS Conference and Court Recording SystemDownload MSRS Conference and Court Recording System for Windows

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Multiple Separate Source. MSRS has been designed to record many channels from the same room. For a recorder that is more suited to recording from separate sources you should consider using the VRS Recording System.

Automatic / Voice Activated / 24/7 Recording. MSRS is designed to be started and stopped manually (or using the API) and to run for limited periods of time (ie. for a specific conference or hearing). However if you want to record automatically (eg. voice or hardware activated) or to record continuously (eg. 24 hours a day) you should use the VRS Recording System.

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Recording Software Features
  • Records up to 32 channels simultaneously
  • Digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality
  • Transmit recordings for transcription or archiving using FTP, email or computer network
  • Break recordings at preset intervals to maintain manageable file size
  • Sends the recordings as it continues to record with overlapped file breaks at preset intervals
  • Timestamp bookmarks with notes for the stenographer or secretary who can view notes with Express Scribe
  • Confidence monitor lets you listen to a copy of the audio in real time whilst it is being recorded so you know there are no problems
  • Record to wav, mp3 or dct formats (only dct supports full multichannel recording to one file, encryption and notes)
  • Find and Play option allows you to sort recordings by name, date created and size and search audio by keyword
  • Automatic notification if an error occurs with recording
  • Password security can be set for file deletion, sending and more
  • Integrates with Express Burn to record audio to CD/DVD or Blu-ray dics
  • Robust design and simple interface for reliable day to day operation

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Recommended Hardware

Sound Cards
System Requirements
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
If you want to use MSRS to record telephone conferences or calls you need a call record interface. However if you are looking to record calls, please compare the VRS Recording System to record multiple lines automatically.
Download MSRS Multiple channel voice recorder
Express Scribe
The person who transcribes the MSRS recordings must also install Express Scribe to unpack and decode the audio. Express Scribe also features foot pedal control and variable speed playback to assist with transcription.

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